Products Introduction

Kiyomaru Kun

“Kiyomaru Kun” is a natural inorganic flocculant with shirasu (volcanic ash) as its main ingredient.


This peeling liquid waste solidifying agent is easy to use and fast acting, without the need for water treatment.

Liquid waste which is difficult to transport is solidified, and can be disposed of as burnable industrial waste.

Ecozyme GX

"Enzyme GX" which is a concentrated enzyme exerts high lipolytic effect in grease trap, etc.

Ecozyme NATURAL/Lake

"Ecozyme NATURAL / Lake" ,which is a concentrated enzyme, promotes the health and cultivation of marine products in aquaculture.

Ecozyme EZ

"Ecozyme EZ" which is a concentrated enzyme exerts an effect on removal of offensive odor by decomposition of organic matter, purification of waste water, reduction of soil diseases, healthy plant and so on.

Super Siltlock

Low-grade polluted sludge in oxygen deficient conditions due to daily living and industrial activities is converted into a stable solidified aggregate and used as a beneficial nutrient rich resource, promoting the regenerative and purification performance of the resource ecosystem.


Drinking water can be prepared simply by adding H-O-H to river or well water.

Safe drinking water can be secured in developing countries where water service has not been established or during a disaster.


"Kiyometal-Lock" is a heavy metal insolubilizer that you can use in conjunction with "Kiyomaru-kun" for wastewater treatment including heavy metals.