“Kiyomaru Kun”

“Kiyomaru Kun” is a natural inorganic flocculant with shirasu (volcanic ash) as its main ingredient.


<Usage examples>

  • Water treatment of industrial discharge :Treatment of water discharged from various factories including paint, food, and semi-conductor factories
  • Water treatment during construction :Treatment of water discharged after washing concrete or drilling, water containing sludge, water after road cutting.
  • Improvement of the natural environment :Stabilizing sludge and blue-green algae water in lakes, rivers, ponds, and reservoirs.


①Amazingly fast solidification:

Solidification occurs at an amazing speed.

Fine solids suspended in the water, which other flocculants cannot remove, are also solidified.


②Easy to use:

Fundamentally, Kiyomaru Kun can be used on discharged effluent which is mildly acidic to alkaline without pH adjustment.

In addition, even in cases where the water volume changes, adjusting the amount of Kiyomaru Kun is simple, no special knowledge or skill is needed.

③Simple post-process:

Generated floc (sediment) is large, with low viscosity, dewatering process is simple.


“Kiyomaru Kun”


Environmental consideration

The main ingredient of “Kiyomaru Kun” is shirasu (volcanic ash) which exists in abundance in Kagoshima prefecture. Because the main ingredient is a natural mineral, the burden on the natural environment is reduced.

  • “Kiyomaru Kun” does not contain any harmful elements, and can be used to clean lakes and rivers without worry.
  • Discharged water after solidification treatment has passed various tests, such as the fish acute toxicity test (Japanese killifish).
  • Can be used to treat even fine solids suspended in water for which other flocculants are ineffective. “Kiyomaru Kun” has gained the support of many customers who are concerned about the environment.